Purple and yellow cauliflower

Cauliflower in white, purple and cheddar

Kathy Huber, who writes the gardening column for the Houston Chronicle, was kind enough to interview me for her article on raising cool-season vegetables for the table. The article is now available to the public, and I hope you’ll find some useful advice on growing cool-season and warm-season veggies there.

The article also includes a slideshow of photographs I’ve taken that really showcase the beauty of these vegetables. Some people may think of winter vegetables as humble or drab, full of root vegetables and leafy greens. But as you’ll see, there’s plenty of color and texture to be had, from the gold of “cheddar” cauliflower to the purple of kohlrabi and cabbage to an entire rainbow’s worth of carrots. Here are a few more photographs from the same shoot.

Many types of winter produce

The many colors of a winter harvest